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Passwords expire every 90 days, but you can reset your password at any time. If your password is expired and you have not selected your Verification Methods, please contact your local IT Service Desk listed below and have your Global Employee Number (GEN) ready.

IT Service Desks

U.S. and Canada
Toll Free: +1 (866) 342 5822
Office Speed Dial: #671
Office Extension: 64822 Direct Dial: +1 (720) 286 4822

Asia Pacific
Direct Dial: +65 6518 2777

Buenos Aires, Argentina*
Office Speed Dial: 81302
Direct Dial: (11) 4309-0302

Mexico City, Mexico*
Direct Dial: +52 55 5999 0411
Office Extension: 82411

Direct Dial: +48 12 225 6200
Office Speed Dial: #671

Direct Dial: +974 4 403 0650
Office Extension: 88650

Sao Paulo, Brazil*
SAO Direct Dial: +55 11 3040 0808
Office Extension: 80808

United Arab Emirates
Direct Dial: +971 2 401 3990
Office Extension: 83990

United Kingdom
Direct Dial: +44 (0) 203 005 5105
Office Speed Dial: #671

*Support available in Spanish and Portuguese during business hours.

The assistance provided on this page is for CH2M account holders only.